"This program has renewed my faith and taught me that my body does NOT have to get old as I age! I have gained the insight and the tools to maintain an active quality of life. I love that I can take my workouts anywhere and that they are designed just for me, which eliminates guesswork and boredom."

Felicia, age 61

"I feel empowered about my health in a way that feels new. Laura does a great job of educating and inspiring me to try new things..and I finally have the confidence to take charge of my weight and my hip pain for the long term...in a way that fits my lifestyle."

Peggy, age 68

"As a novice exerciser, I appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of the workouts. I feel better than ever and have a new optimism about the aging process. But the secret sauce is in the group calls. So much great info and so motivating! They are the best hour of my week!"

Megan, age 64